Transgender Good News

Written by Pat Conover
© 2002 by New Wineskins Press
Softcover, 312 pages

Transgender Good News Book Cover - Front Transgender Good News Book Cover - Back

Book Review

by Karen Anne Taylor

“… the most useful and authoritative transgender book I’ve run across on the market today. This should be required reading for anyone involved with transgender — including not only the transgender but also therapists and clergymen.” [March 31, 2004]

When I first encountered this book about ‘transgender’ by a ‘transgender’ I thought “Oh no, here’s another one.” You know, the self-aggrandizing ‘my life story.’ Or the ‘picture’ vanity book of every outfit ever worn. Or the declaration that “all transgenders are…” based on their own limited personal self-perception. This isn’t one of those books. No way.

It’s going to be a difficult read for many, as it is a very detailed book that reads more like a major thesis research paper – very technical. By it’s own admission, the book is geared for three groups of people: 1) health professionals, 2) theology professionals (clergy), and 3) transgenders. There’s a lot of good information presented here and fully annotated – a great research resource book. Just don’t approach it as you would your favorite novel!

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