TBP-IV: The B.R.E.A.S.T. Plan

Source: Carol L. Taylor, Syracuse, NY

Carol L. Taylor

In Memory of Carol L. Taylor (circa 1996)

Note from Karen: I have received a lot of response from this article! While I am glad to present information of interest, I have been overwhelmed with e-mail responses regarding this topic, and it’s very important that you understand that I know nothing about it…

The original author of this information is Carol L. Taylor, and sadly is no longer with us. I simply ran across this information, recognized its importance, and posted it here. I have not tried this technique so I cannot testify to its effectiveness (although from the vistors’ responses I’ve received it seems to work for many people).

The Brantley Bras mentioned in this article are normally sold through independent distributors (not me!), and performing a search on the Internet will return many listings of such distributors. But be forewarned, most of these distributors know nothing about its use for TG purposes.

Reader Jean McDaniels in August of 1999 wrote in with this helpful tip, for those in pursuance of the d-bra:

“I did a little research and found two notable (of many) Web sites relating to the d-bra and what it can acheive. The first was http://www.suddenlyslender.com/bra_intro.asp and is called the It’s All You bra. It describes and shows the same charateristics as the d-bra in your article (i.e., the modified Brantley). The next was where to buy the brantley itself, and that is http://www.brashop.com/.”

In summary, I hope you enjoy this article but please do not write me with any questions – I don’t have the answers!

Page Contents:


As I sit down to again revise The B.R.E.A.S.T. (Breast Restructuring Enlarging And Stretching Technique) Plan, hereafter called TBP-IV (fourth revised edition) for the Breast Plan, it is my hope that this version reaches still more of you than the earlier three editions.

As you will see, TBP is not a new concept, and no one person is responsible for its development. TBP uses concepts and products from many sources and my intent was to compile all the known information on non-hormonal, non-chemical breast enlargement, and put it in one document. The first real “public” announcement of TBP was made in the form of a “Press Release” in Tapestry Journal (October 1994) and it was apparent to me very quickly that the subject of breast enlargement was a very serious one, and the number of inquiries continues to amaze me.

When I issued the “Press Release” announcing the availability of TBP, I naively thought a couple hundred persons at most would ask for it. At that time my original and admittedly awkward, slow, and cumbersome process for obtaining the proper size and style of Development Bra (D-Bra) seemed entirely adequate. Now well over 2000 people (including about 100 genetic females) have received TBP.

What’s New in this Edition

Since TBP-III, the author has:

  1. Become a direct distributor (Colesce Couture, Inc. – f.k.a., Cameo Coutures, Inc.) for the bra recommended (“Brantley”) for the process, as well as any and all of the lingerie offered in their catalog. This can make acquiring your D-Bras very easy.
  2. Received intensive training in the very tricky process of properly fitting the Brantley style bras.
  3. “Consulted” at length with one of the most noted Psychologists in the country, specializing in transgender issues, to discuss TBP and its application for his patients and indeed, for each of us. He was most enthusiastic about TBP since he knew (which I naively did not) the extent of the interest this project would have on the “community.” He has begun distributing TBP to his “needy” patients and I am hearing from them already.
  4. Discovered (via the above) an individual considered to be the world’s expert in “Body Modification” and held long and substantive dialog. He is very familiar with non-chemical breast enlargement techniques, and we shared our collective knowledge for the presumed benefit of all. What I learned from him with regard to “Pumping and clamping” is included in this issue, and is most informative!
  5. Obtained considerable additional information on breast physiology and structure enabling me to expand on the issue of proper care of the breasts during the enlargement process.

Profit Disclaimer

In all prior editions of TBP I have stressed that this is not now, nor is it ever intended to be a profitable venture. My goal for this project has, and continues to be that I simply want as many of my sisters as possible to be aware that they can have real and substantive breast development without using hormones or chemicals of any sort, and that the process is absolutely safe, inexpensive and rewarding. I will continue to send this and future editions of TBP to anyone requesting it at no cost.

With this edition however, I am now a direct Couturiere with Colesce Couture, Inc.and therefore if you choose to purchase your Brantley style bra (or any other Colesce Couture lingerie items) through me, I will make the normal Couturiere profit. Not more; I cannot, and would not do that. I simply make exactly the same profit that any Couturiere would make on a sale. To date I have spent many thousands of dollars on this project, certainly more than I ever imagined. I sincerely hope you understand the sincerity with which this project has been undertaken, and realize that it would take a lot of Colesce Couture sales – a lot, to ever recoup my investment in this satisfying and seemingly most worthwhile, and appreciated endeavor.

34C Newsletter

The 34C Newsletter ($25 / year) is published quarterly which is usually about 8-10 pages in length (although it’s been much longer) and discusses just about any issue regarding improvement of our feminine figures. We discuss bras, panties, girdles, cinchers, corsolettes, corsets, padding, etc.; anything that deals with your feminine figure from neck to knees. Usually about half of the issue deals with TBP and your suggestions, concerns and successes (lots of those) with it. With your permission I’ll print your letter or any part thereof.

In each issue we list and congratulate our “UPCUPPERS,” those girls that have graduated to the next larger cup in their conventional bra size. The “UPCUPPERS” are not only proud, but also help to instill continuing incentive to those who might be developing slower than they envisioned. “UPCUPPERS” will also frequently make their now undersized bra wardrobes available to any sister who needs them in her former size. Usually they don’t even charge their sister.

Author’s Development

I continue to be reluctant to put a photograph of my own breasts in this publication due to privacy considerations and the fact that you would have no way of really knowing the photo was mine. I can however tell you that I began wearing a Brantley style bra about 10 years ago, and in the last few years have added the “pumping” process. When I started I my breasts had receded to the point that I wore a 34A bra, and even then, the cups were lined to give them adequate shape. Today I am a completely natural 34C. My breasts are full, and “high.” They droop only slightly, which is not a problem or uncomfortable. I do not have to wear a bra at all times, and cannot do so. When I am bra-less my breasts do bounce a bit, especially when I run. Like many of you, I lead a fairly traditional “male lifestyle” at work and when necessary socially. My breasts are rarely any sort of “problem.”

How It All Began

I was 13 when my next door neighbor, a girl the same age, caught me in the bathroom of her home wearing her bra and panties. Miraculously (and admittedly only after much time and many discussions) this incident turned out to be quite beneficial, as she became fascinated and interested in my femininity and actually offered to help me develop it. It was she who taught me the “trick” that she and many of her girlfriends were utilizing to get a head start on their own breast development.

It seemed they would wear their bras very tight, and use a cup size that they could fill only by putting the bra on and then reaching into the cup and squeezing their breasts to draw the tissue that surrounded their natural breasts into the cup. If a girl wore her bra in that manner for long periods of time, eventually she would “redefine” her breasts, since the tissue which once was outside the breast would become part of the breast itself. Simple enough, and very logical!

The idea of actually enlarging the breasts by stretching them is certainly not new. Certain African tribal women have (for reasons unknown to the writer) actually tied weights to their breasts (it’s in National Geographic) to accomplish rather dramatic results which many of you have probably seen. The same basic principal (stretching and shaping) is used in TBP.

Proof that it worked could be found in a then current article in Ladies Home Journal, which warned mothers of teenage girls to be on the look-out for this practice, since these girls could experience early signs of severe sagging if they were predestined to ultimately have large breasts. With a high feminine drive, and an “only child” lifestyle, the author was a natural 32B by age 16. In about a year my neighbor friend moved away, but her concept stayed with me forever.

It seems appropriate to begin this version with some information on just what will happen, not if, but when the process works for you. If you are afraid that your lifestyle won’t accommodate breasts, my advise to you is simple: Change your lifestyle. If you are a woman, until you recognize that fact, you will be frustrated and unhappy. In actuality large breasts in your male role will rarely be a problem. You will quickly learn how to “hide” them whenever necessary. The joy you will realize in your feminine life will far outweigh any inconvenience in your male role. You may think you can imagine how wonderful it is to have breasts, but literally every letter I receive from my successful sisters states that the joy far exceeds their original expectations. As one girl put it: “I owe this to myself, as a woman.”

The TBP Process

TBP is no different than any other “body changing” exercise program in its basic context. It utilizes both “active” and “passive” exercise in that wearing the development bra (and or clamps) alone is a “passive” activity. Simply by wearing your bra or clamps, you will be developing your breasts!

The “accelerators” (use of the breast pump, and manual massage) are the “active” part of the program. One of the nicest aspects of the program is that you can be doing almost anything while you are developing your breasts as long as you’re wearing your development bra. Like any other such program, you must devote time and effort to it. Each person will react differently to the program depending on their body fat going in, and the time they spend using the bra, clamps, pumps and massage. Clearly the more you perform each “exercise,” the faster and more dramatic will be your results.

It is recommended that you wear your D-Bra for eight hours a day. When I first heard that I said “What? No way!” I soon realized however that when my lifestyle was properly “adjusted” to accommodate my true gender, that this was not at all a problem. I have selected work apparel that easily conceals my D-Bra, and have worn it to work several days (many times, every day) each week. My private hours are usually totally feminine anyway (as I trust your’s are), so I can usually wear my D-Bra after work until bedtime and/or to bed each night. In your male life you’ll learn to wear large shirts during and after development, it’s really that simple! You are wearing panties all the time, aren’t you!?

Like other exercise programs there are also maximums. These too will vary individual by individual but in basic terms the time you spend wearing your bra and/or clamps, should probably not exceed 12 hours a day. When using the bra, clamps or pumps, there is a risk of welts, which can become cuts and permanent scars, if the bra, clamps, or breast pump is too tight or overused.

One new and excited TBP Subscriber actually took a week off and wore her bra constantly, used the pump much too much and with too much vacuum and massaged her breasts vigorously over an hour a day. The results were quick and dramatic but she had injured her skin to the extent that she had scars around each breast as well as caused blisters to erupt on the breasts themselves. The thumb rule in this program, as any other exercise program is that if it starts to hurt – STOP! It’s unlikely you will harm yourself with massage alone.

The Development Bra (D-Bra)

As my neighbor taught me years ago, the primary development “tool” is selecting and wearing the proper style and size bra (referred to as the D-Bra). Wear your bra whenever possible!

Another thing my neighbor taught me is that a conventional bra can be used as a D-Bra, but its characteristics must include: underwiring, wide band, side boning, rigid straps, and a sturdy and wide frame. Although several manufacturers of high quality bras have acceptable models, after 30+ years of research, I highly recommend the Colesce Couture Brantley (the name of their designer) style bras since these bras are known for their very unique designs which have excellent breast stretching characteristics.

These bras come in over 200 sizes, and are constructed like no other bra. Colesce Couture will not claim these bras have breast development properties on the advice of their legal advisors (the FTC has made it almost impossible for any manufacturer to make any absolute “claims” about anything), and therefore I will not make that claim for them. I have told you my own experience and can honestly say, that the experience of many others and I attribute that growth primarily to wearing Brantley style bras.

The bra has been used by genetic females for this purpose for many years, and its success is without question. Obviously, you can use any bra, pump, clamp, lotion or pill you wish. The products recommend here are however, the ones I know will work, although, unfortunately, their existence heretofore was not widely known in the transgendered community.

The Right Bra and the Right Size

During the course of “researching” this project, the author came in contact with several professional figure consultants (the vast majority of whom were quite fascinated by this undertaking and keep up to date on its progress). Conversations and/or correspondence was exchanged with professional corsetieres, brassiere designers, a professional manufacturer’s representative for a major domestic brassiere manufacturer whose job it was to train salespeople in the very involved task of properly fitting a bra, and a wealth of books, publications and periodicals on the subject.

And, as indicated above, I have recently been exposed to even more advice regarding proper bra fit and other breast enlargement processes. I have received “hands on” instruction in fitting the Brantley bra and have also had several professional personal bra fittings and observed professionals as they properly fit conventional bras on others. If one thing was made perfectly clear it was that correct bra fit is quite an involved process and is rare among women.

Articles are constantly being written which estimate the number of women who are wearing the wrong bra size at 70-90%!!! If women find it so difficult to obtain the proper style and fit in a bra, how are we supposed to do it? The fact is that most women just don’t care or are too embarrassed to undertake a proper fitting since the process involves baring their breasts and having them handled. This fact is universally frustrating to bra designers and corsetiers.

Selecting and properly sizing your D-Bra is different, and in many ways more difficult and complex than selecting the “perfect” conventional bra. Forget the “bra size” charts in the catalogs; they are of NO use in fitting a D-Bra and actually have very minimal use in proper conventional bra fit.

The Colesce Couture “Brantley Style Bras”

Acquiring the Colesce Couture Brantley style bras was once a long and involved process, but is now quick and easy. If you are going to utilize the Brantley bra as your D-Bra, it is preferable to have a private fitting due to the fact that there are more than 200 sizes available in the Brantley style bras, but it is by no means imperative. I recognize that a private fitting is impossible for most of you.

Most Colesce Couture “couturieres” will not “guess” at your optimum bra size, and insist on a personalized fitting, as instructed by Colesce Couture. Clearly obtaining the correct size bra is VERY important! Obviously dealing with a typical Couturiere is awkward for most of you and that’s why I am delighted that Colesce Couture accepted me as a Couturiere and that I received their very comprehensive training in proper bra fit. You can talk openly with me, since I am a sister and also very dedicated to my feminine perfection.

By design the Colesce Couture “sizing system” is “coded” by them to protect their products from being sold by the untrained person, who would have no idea where to start with the sizing procedure. For example, my “normal” (conventional) bra size is an almost perfect 34C, yet my current (you will increase your Colesce Couture cup sizes as your breasts grow larger) Colesce Couture size is 36EE! When you give me your measurements, I will use my training and experience to “guess” at the proper size for you to commence your development process and place your Colesce Couture order for you.

As you grow you must “upsize” your D-Bra to accommodate your larger breasts and to continue the process of drawing in more and more tissue for still larger breasts. Usually this is simply a matter of ordering the next larger cup size in your Brantley bra for each ½ cup size you grow in your conventional bra cup measurement.

For example, assume your current D-Bra (Brantley) is size 36D and you are “passing through” (as we call it) an A cup toward a B cup in your conventionally sized bra. The best “gauge” of your success occurs when you wear your conventional bra and begin to notice some excess fullness in the cups. Not surprisingly, most of my “TBP Girls” start out as a natural A or AA cup size in conventional bra measurement terms. If you’ve never worn the properly sized bra because you’ve always used breast forms, it’s time to buy one.

Take careful notice of how your conventional bra fits as you start the program. At least every month, try that conventional bra on again, and eventually you’ll clearly see a difference. The cups, once loose or barely full, will be full and maybe more than full. You will be excited and immediately purchase the same brand and style conventional bra (important) in the next larger cup size although you will may find that the cups of your new bra are still a bit too large. You are now an “A+” and ready for your next Brantley cup size. Let me know, and I will send you the next size. It is very helpful for me if you enclose photos of your breasts in your D-Bra, as this helps me determine if you are wearing the perfect size.

Over the years I and my TBP Girls have tried other bras which profess (or seem to profess) to have similar properties development characteristics. However, we have found nothing that works as efficiently and comfortably as the Brantley style bras. If you find one, please share it with all of us through 34C.

Adapting and Adjusting Your D-Bra

In order for the process to work most efficiently, the bra must be sized adjusted and worn properly. The first procedure is to remove the cup. The Brantley bras make this process quite easy because they come with an outer cup which is made to be easily removed. Simply unhook the outer cup from the strap adjustment hardware (bend the hook slightly if necessary) and, using a razor blade (single edge) or scissors, carefully cut the cup away from the frame where it is sewn.

The bras “work” is accomplished by grabbing and holding tissue taken from under your arms and under your breasts and creating “new” or “enhanced” breasts with this tissue. When that tissue has been held in this position long enough, it will at first “soften up” (become much more elastic) and ultimately it will stay in position and become “permanent” breasts. The position of the lower cup should be just below the natural breast and the “underbust support,” be it underwire (conventional bra) or rolled buckrum (called a camberband by Colesce Couture), and should always be in the same spot on the body to avoid “confusing” your “enhanced” breast tissue.

Since the Colesce Couture models are worn with breast enlargement as their specific goal, the underbust support platform (i.e. camberband) was designed for long term comfort, as well as performing its task efficiently. When you receive and unpack your Brantley bra, you will see a rounded piece of heavy cotton and flannel material (buckrum) at the bottom of the cups. This material will function in the same way as an underwire, only it’s exceedingly more comfortable, especially given the necessary snugness of the bra band. The buckrum material should be carefully rolled inward until it forms a padded, tubular base on which your “enhanced” breasts will rest. Admittedly this process is a little tricky, but you’ll get the hang of it, even if it takes a few tries.

You will also notice that the Brantley bra has a very wide band and three or four back hooks (never attempt to use a “front hooker” as a D-Bra!). The bra is designed to be worn very tightly and yet be comfortable over long periods of time. The straps are rigid, and also wide for comfort.

Putting On the D-Bra

To put your bra on, place the bra around you with the hooks in FRONT and use the hook adjustment which will make the bra tight, but not too tight. Maneuver the bra around your body to its normal position and take a deep breath. Is it too tight? When you inhale you should be able to feel your bra band restricting your chest expansion somewhat, but of course, you should be able to breathe comfortably too. Time will be your best test.

If it hurts after an hour or so, or if welts are developing anywhere along the band – it’s too tight and you will want to use the next looser hooks. If you are on the loosest hooks, I can send you an enlarger. On the other hand, if routine movements cause your flesh to slip out of the cups, it’s too loose. If you cannot get it tight enough, just return it to me and I will send you a smaller size. Such problems are rare and usually the result of improper measurements.

When your bra is centered so the camberband (underband) of the cups are below your natural breasts, but before you pull up the straps, grab each breast with your hand and, while holding the bra frame in place with your other hand, pull each breast forward, inward, and up, pulling as much excess tissue as possible through the open cups. You should do this several times with each breast and keep doing it until you are sure you have pulled all of the available tissue through the cup openings.

Now pull your straps up over your elbows and place them in the center of your shoulders. Your straps should also be quite tight, but not too tight. A good way to gauge proper strap tension (adjustment) is to adjust them so that they just barely fit over your elbows when you pull them up (careful not to rip your bra!). You may have re-adjust them a few times to get this adjustment right.

Take a moderately deep breath. Did the tissue slip back out? If so, the bra may be too loose. Does the underband hurt and dig into you so much that it hurts? If so, then your bra is too tight. Did the bra slip up? If so, then the straps may be too tight.

Even though this may sound a bit complicated, it’s really quite simple and Remember – the bra must be snug to do its job. In an article called Bras That Work, author Virginia Scott once wrote: “… small-breasted women could actually enlarge and re-define their breasts just by wearing their bras this way, but most aren’t willing to wear them as tight as necessary to achieve any results.”

Creating Your Enhanced Breasts

Once you are satisfied that your bra is properly adjusted, it’s time for the most important, and fun part of the exercise: creating your enhanced breasts! For best results your hands and breasts should be quite dry and oil free (you’ll moisturize them later). Grasp your left and right breasts firmly in your respective left and right hands and pull and tug and yank them up and out and down and in and twist them – HARD, HARD, HARD! Just keep on doing this for several minutes, just as hard as you can. Now work on getting as much tissue through the cup opening as possible by working on each breast separately.

Hold your bra frame in position with one hand and literally pull and pry and yank as much tissue through that opening as you possibly can. Keep pulling and tugging, and yanking and twisting until you have all the skin and tissue you can get poking through the openings in your bra cups. These are the beginnings of your breast development. These are your “ENHANCED BREASTS”! Aren’t they lovely!!!! Take a few minutes to examine, touch, fondle, and enjoy them.

You can now test your bra size and adjustments by breathing normally (a very deep, chest expanding breath will hurt a little in the properly sized bra) and moving about. Are your breasts slipping from their cups? You should be able to move normally without losing any tissue, but you should not put your arms over your head or pull them back behind you as these actions will inevitably pull tissue back through the cups.

When you wear your D-Bra, your movements should be restricted somewhat, but not enough that you cannot perform most activities of a reasonably sedentary nature. If you have to move your arms in a manner that disrupts your bras hold on your breasts, just “reset” your breasts as you did initially. In fact, at least every half hour you should hold your bra frame and try to pull more tissue through the opening. This is easy to do and can be done discreetly, even in your male clothing (I do it at my desk!).

If it’s properly sized, you should be able to wear your bra all day long without undue discomfort. When you do take your bra off you will certainly have indentations on your skin all the way around your body where the band lay, and all around your breasts where the “work” was taking place. This is a perfectly normal result of the process; but plan accordingly, as these “bra lines” will take longer to go away than those left by your other bras.

When you initially purchase and later “upsize” your D-Bras, I highly recommend purchasing at least two each time. Your bras will be working very hard and will inevitably wear out faster than other bras. You’ll want to be wearing a D-Bra while the other is being laundered too!

The more you wear your D-Bra, the faster your breasts will grow!

There is seldom any reason to wear any bra but your D-Bra! If you’re wearing a bra, it may as well be developing your breasts – right? Since your D-Bra has no cups, you will appear “bra-less” when wearing your feminine clothing and your larger nipples may also be more visible. While many TBP Girs love this look all the time, (and many feel this bra-less, bosomy look greatly enhances their “feminine believability” (i.e., passing!), at times the look may be inappropriate.

The use of an “overbra” (any conventional bra worn over and in conjunction with your D-Bra) will cover your nipples, and shape your breasts. When you have achieved a full “B” (conventional) cup size, your breasts will droop somewhat while wearing your D-Bra. By wearing an overbra in the right size, you can lift and shape your D-Bra enhanced breasts, cover your nipples, and still be developing your breasts. Your overbra should be fairly light and not restrict your breasts at all. The cups should never be over-full. Select your overbras carefully. as fit is important.

The Breast Pump

Even though their use isn’t absolutely necessary because the bras will do the job all by themselves, I do encourage the use of breast pumps as accelerators to the process. Used often enough (and properly), breast pumps can cut development time in half.

There are a variety of breast pumps on the market, but only a few (that we’ve found) of what we call the “Full Breast” breast pump whereby the suction device covers the entire breast and not just the nipple area. You might want to shop at your local drug store or surgical supply store for an appropriate full breast pump. The one I have used is available through:

The Stamford Collection
Stamford Hygienic
P.O. Boy 1160
Long Island City, NY, 11101

It costs $24.95 plus S/H. Order “The Breast Lover” item #2056. Yet another pump is available from Adam & Eve. Their catalog is free and can be obtained by writing to:

Adam & Eve
P.O. Box 200
Carrboro, NC 27510

Frankly I had no luck with that model. The cups were too small for my breasts and I could not keep the hose attached to the cups. You may have better luck.

We have also heard from girls who have made their own breast pumps by using funnels, mixing bowls, glassware, etc. as the “cup” and attaching that to a hose and pneumatic “check” valve to induce and retain suction. Regardless, the operable concept is to place some sort of airtight “cup” somewhat larger than your “enhanced” (by wearing your D-Bra) breast, over your breast and applying and retaining a strong suction to the cup.

No matter what you use as the cup, you must use some sort of pneumatic “check valve” (which only allows air to flow in one direction) which can be as simple as clamping the hose closed after the suction is applied, and a piece of hose to it through which the vacuum will be applied either using your own mouth or a suction pump.

One girl found a perfectly sized funnel, sandpapered the edges smooth, and attached a hose to the end. She uses her mouth to suck down the vacuum she desires, and then places a clamp on the hose to retain the vacuum. It’s simple and it works.

I will briefly discuss the pump available Stamford, because that’s the one I have used.

When your pump arrives, you will find the “cup” and a rubber bulb in the box. The instructions tell you to attach the bulb to the cup, put a layer of cold cream or Vaseline around the edge of the cup, place the cup over your breast and “pulse” the bulb. The principal is to firm, shape and enhance the breasts using this “pulsing” action.

We have found the pump to be more effective if you cover the “vacuum release port” and simply squeeze the bulb a few times to apply the vacuum. In this way the vacuum will remain for a minute or so and you can simply squeeze the bulb whenever you need to reset the vacuum as some air loss is inevitable.

If you want more vacuum (most do), we recommend you “set up” your pump as follows:

Remove the rubber bulb but SAVE the small plastic pneumatic “check valve” and leave it attached to the cup.

Attach a piece of 3/16" automotive brake or fuel hose, about 18" long to the check valve (do this carefully and slowly being very careful not to crack the somewhat fragile plastic cup).

Using two inch wide “strapping tape,” carefully wrap the outside edge of the cup all the way around it. This is a time consuming and tedious process, but is necessary in order to reinforce the cup and keep it from cracking and leaking. Also place a piece of tape over the “vacuum release hole” and be sure it is sealed well.

Using the Pump

Thoroughly coat your breasts with a good moisturizing lotion such as Plenitude, or a “bosom cream” such as lave or Contour Plus.

Coat the edge of the cup with Vaseline or a heavy cold cream and place the cup over your “enhanced” breast so that it covers as much of your breast as possible. Position it from the bottom first so that the lower edge of the cup lies just above your camberband. Let your breast “fall” into the cup. Place the hose in your mouth and suck. You should feel the suction on your breast almost immediately.

In all probability you may hear a leak, and if so, just keep pushing the cup against your skin and moving it slightly until the cup is airtight and you are able to put considerable suction on your breast. You will begin to see your breast expand inside the cup and feel the cup pushing into your body. Don’t get too much suction in the cup! This can cause blisters and actual scars as we said before, and the cups can actually cut your skin. Worse, you may crack the cups themselves and might destroy them.

Your breasts will heal, but the cup won’t. When you’ve got some appreciable suction and you see your breast turning a bit pinkish, stop sucking. The check valve will hold the suction and you can release the hose from your mouth. Inevitably your cup will never fit absolutely airtight, and you will feel the suction gradually being lost, so simply put the hose back in your mouth and reset the desired suction.

Leave the cup on your breast for 20-30 minutes for the first few sessions, and then switch to the other breast. To remove it, place your finger carefully along the edge of the cup, where it meets a fleshy part of your bosom, and push slowly until you create a leak and the suction begins to subside.

Now look carefully at your breast. It should be slightly pink in color, and your nipple may be very pale, almost white. This is normal. If any part of your breast has developed a blister from too much suction, simply pop it and apply an antiseptic to the blister and reduce the suction next time.

There are many additional enhancements to the breast pump process. Most “TBP Girls” use two pumps at the same time so that “suction time” is cut in half. Unlike simply wearing a bra, the breast pump procedure requires (usually) some privacy, and if that’s at a premium, using two pumps halves the time factor. Using a tee, (found in any auto parts store) we connect two pumps together into one hose, and can then “suck down” (apply vacuum to) both breasts at the same time.

Many then connect the hose to an electric air pump, which maintains the correct suction through an adjustment. It usually takes some modifications to adapt the hose to an airtight fit in the pump, but the nipple pump available through Spartacus works great!

There are a variety of other pneumatic suction pumps on the market and you might wish to try this very convenient and efficient enhancement. There are a variety of nipple pumps on the market which are either manual or electric, and they too will work. Tell us about your system and we’ll tell everyone in 34C.

If you will be using the full breast pump we discussed, you will find the plastic to be very hard and brittle and it almost always cracks after the first few uses. The cracks will cause the vacuum to dissipate much too quickly and must be repaired. After trying many products to tape the cracks we finally discovered that “Super Glue” works just fine! Simply put a small coating of the glue along each crack, let it dry, and you will be all set. Using strapping or other strong tape along the outside edge of the cups also helps avoid air loss and cracking. You can place a piece if tape on any cracks that develop and this will usually cure the problem, if the glue did not.

You may begin to increase your pumping time to up to an hour at a time as your breasts and nipples become accustomed to the process. You may also pump them several times a day, giving them about at least an hour between sessions. The process draws blood to, greatly sensitizes, and almost always increases the projection of your nipples. Perhaps Diane put it best: “…and my larger, highly sensitive nipples were an unexpected joy almost exceeding my breast enlargement!”


This is a process recently discovered by the writer. Take two pieces of wood ¾" × 1", and about 4-5" long, drill a 5/16" hole near the end of each piece of wood, and slip two ¼" threaded rods through both pieces of wood and place “wing nuts” at the end of the rods thus forming a “clamp.” Got it?

Pad the wood with something soft taped to it, and place the clamp either vertically, or horizontally on either side of your breast. Adjust the clamp accordingly, and use the same procedure as with your D-Bra, to pull as much tissue as you can through the clamp.

When you’ve maximized your “breast,” tighten the clamp so the tissue will stay in place (not too tight!), and leave them (one on each breast) on for an hour or so. Then turn the clamp 90°, and work on the other dimension.

Remember your “new” breasts are created using that excess tissue from under each breast and under your arms, and it is this tissue we want to “grab and hold.” Do you have a better “clamping” system? Please share it!

Manual Massage

This is the easiest part of all, and merely refers to the process of grabbing your D-Bra enhanced breasts and yanking and tugging on them as hard and as long as you can. The best time to do it is right after a shower when your skin is not at all oily.

Your D-Bra will hold at its best and you can really get a hold of your breasts. Tug out, pull up, pull down, twist them – HARD. Don’t be gentle (but don’t bruise them either!) Just a few minutes of this every day will also accelerate the development process. A favorite time to massage is when you put on your D-Bra for the day, since you will already be pulling, tugging, yanking and twisting to get that tissue repositioned.

Caring for Your Growing Breasts and Nipples

Your poor breasts! Just think about it, every day they’re shaved, harnessed, stretched, yanked and tugged on, clamped, and subjected to harsh suction that causes them to turn pink. It doesn’t take too long until your development will cause your breasts to bounce as you walk or run and as your increasingly sensitive nipples rub against your clothing the feeling has been described as “distracting,” “sensuous,” and even slightly “painful.” During this process your breasts and nipples will need some tender loving care.

We recommend keeping your breasts and nipples coated with a good quality collagen based skin cream which should be applied after you put on your D-Bra and have done your massage. There are lots of them on the market, such as Plenitude.

Basically you will want to keep the breasts moisturized and the inevitable stretch marks filled. Collagen is an excellent ingredient to take care of this important need. And rub lots of cream on your nipples too. Some girls put a Band-Aid over their nipples if they become too sensitive.

I must risk a degree of crudeness here and tell you that if a lover sucks your nipples after you’ve begun TBP, watch out, the sensation is like never before!

Breast Enhancement Creams

There are some “breast enhancement creams” on the market too. Despite much research, we have not been able to determine their efficacy in breast enlargement, but they seem to make excellent moisturizing creams. Super Contour Plus is available in a 2 ounce package for $46.95 plus $3.05 S/H from:

Contour Plus, Inc.
P.O. Box 966
Jupiter, FL 33468-0966

Lave Body and Bosom Cream is available in a “two month supply” for $15.95, including S/H, from:

Valor Enterprises
41 E. 57th St.
New York, NY, 10022

There’s a big difference in price, but again, we can’t make a statement one way or the other with regard to the professed “enhancement” claims.


Encouragement: TBP works, but it can seem like a slow process. The usual first question is: How long will it take? The answer is never the same because every girl will respond differently.

There are many variables including your initial breast development and structure, the amount of time you devote to each of the processes mentioned, and even inheritance (it’s a fact that if large breasts run in your family, you will likely respond better and more quickly than will your sisters from small-breasted families).

The answers also dependent upon your own convictions to breast development and how often you spend “exercising” in its various definitions. A full cup size gain has been shown in a minimum of three months, and taken as long as a year.

One little “encouragement” trick that worked for me was keeping a photo of a woman’s lovely breasts where I could access it whenever I needed some encouragement I knew the “Plan” worked from my earlier experience, but, like you, I was impatient for results. When I got discouraged I would look at one of many photos I had to remind myself of my goal, and the joy I would realize when I achieved it.

Go for it – it works, and GOOD LUCK!

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