Useful Other Resources

Brianna Austin
A professional journalist and hosts a free online magazine of happening events, news, tips, and more for the transgender community.
Carolina Girls
An on-line tribute to the Transgendered community, created in the hope of bringing the transgendered community support information, resources, humor, and pictures, primarily of the “ladies” of the South.
CDS Publications
Owned by JoAnn Roberts, an author (“Coping with Crossdresing”) and crossdresser with interesting insights into crossdressing and the transgender state.
Community Awareness for Transgender Support (CATS)
A non-profit, peer-led resource and information group which endeavors to advance the quality of life for all those whose physical makeup, emotional, sexual and/or self-expression do not fit current cultural gender stereotypes through grass roots education, activism and advocacy.
Enigma Consultants
Sponsor of the Tri-Ess chapter Gamma Chi Beta located in Fort Myers Florida, and offers all sorts of programs and workshops for Crossdressers as well as Couples. The President of Enigma Consultants is also the president of Gamma Chi Beta.
Worldwide weekly radio program that talks about transgenderism in the first person, with weekly presentation of news, information, and exciting new voices that challenge the traditional view of gender.
International Transgender Online Magazine
Monthly magazine for information and entertainment about everything transgender, transexual and crossdressing, with future hopes to be a complete and quick source for new information, articles, humor and always a safe place to explore the world of Transgender.
Melanie’s World
Created by Melanie Anne Phillips, includes a very detailed and excellent article (also available on audio cassette, CD, and VHS) on (Voice: Developing a Female Voice).
Susan’s Place – Transgender Resources
A Web site to provide support and assistance to the Transgender community and those who love them. Services are provided to the entire transgender spectrum including TS’s, CD’s, TV’s, SO’s and admirers. The forums are used to discuss a wide variety of topics on a ever changing basis. Information found in the library ranges from coming out of the closet to sex change surgery. The chat room is a secure medium to contact other transgendered people and to discuss your daily lives.
TG Care
Contains a large archive of health information written and compiled from years of directly providing medical, psychological, electrology, and general health services to generations of transgender folk.
TG Friendly Shopping Malls
Has a large national directory and was designed to build relationships between TG-friendly businesses, services and professionals and their transgendered customers and clients.
TG Gallery
A transgender resource, and host to perhaps the most popular chat room (f.k.a. Debbie’s Den, Donna’s Den) for transgendered people on the Web, that also includes a special chat room for spouses (and significant others) only.
TG Life
Provides information, education and entertainment free of charge to the diverse transgender community by featuring an extensive online magazine, resource directory, member web sites, forums, chat rooms, contests, and the transgender Internet Television channel. Advertisements and member subscriptions are available, with a portion of the profits donated to a variety of advocacy and support organizations for education, support, and policy reforms.
Transgender Day of Remembrance
A site set aside to memorialize those who were killed due to anti-transgender hatred or prejudice. The event is held in November to honor Rita Hester, whose murder in 1998 kicked off the “Remembering Our Dead” web project and a San Francisco candlelight vigil in 1999.
A site dedicated to the history of Transsexual, Transgender, and Intersex people and events.

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