New TV Breasts

Source: Patty Baren

For some time, I have been fascinated with the female breast. Now some may think this is a throw back to suckling days, however I think my interest developed sometime later (maybe this is how babies recognize males and females, that is by a lack or abundance of breast tissue).

As I grew and began to associate with girls, I noticed that breasts had a certain style and shape of their own. As I have come to recognize my own femininity and crossdressing, I have attempted to duplicate the jiggle, feel and weight of the female breast. The goal, of course, is to have two for my very own.

I have tried many combinations and if there is interest share some of the concoctions that I have dreamed about. Also if some are interested a discussion of bra types to use with your “titties,” please let me know.

Equipment needed:

  1. Four – paddle balloons (cost about $10.00)
    These will be about 36 inches or larger when blown up. You see them in flower stores where they have put stuffed animals inside them. They come in a variety of colors. When flat they are in the shape of a circle and about 10 inches in diameter.
  2. 200 – 4-inch wiggle worms (cost about $11.00)
    These are from mail order fishing companies like Orvis, Gander Mountain and can also be found in bulk at some K-Mart stores.
  3. Two – 3-quart Joy bottles
    You can use tupperware tops, plastic milk containers, etc. The plastic needs to have some firmness to it, so that it does not bend too much.
  4. One – flesh colored panty hose

The above is enough material to make two sets of breasts. If you place 40 wiggles in each balloon, you will have about a B cup. Using 60, should give you about a firm C cup.

The procedure is real easy:

  1. Doing the balloon part of the breasts (this is the jiggle)
    1. Count out the correct number of wiggles into a tall thin glass.
    2. Stretch the mouth of the balloon over the glass and dump all the wiggles into the balloon.
    3. Fill the balloon with water until all of the wiggles are covered.
    4. Force the air out of the balloon and then tie the top tightly.
  2. Cutting the plastic (this gives a form and some slide to the jiggle)
    1. If you use the Joy bottle, cut out the two pear shaped indentations on each side of the bottle.
    2. Otherwise, cut a pear shape that will fit over your breast (I slanted the narrow tip of the pear to the outside of each breast).
    3. Make sure the edges are not sharp - if the plastic is thick enough this will not be a problem.
  3. The nylon stocking (this contains everything within your bra)
    1. From the toe, measure about ten inches and cut off the end.
    2. If you are using another part of the stocking, tie one end, then cut.
  4. Putting it all together (you’ll feel the difference)
    1. Insert the narrow end of the plastic into the opening of the stocking.
    2. Work it all the way to the toe or the knot (first turn the stocking inside out so the knot is on the inside).
    3. Pull the open end of the stocking down and over the plastic. You want the opening to be on the outside of your plastic.
    4. Carefully insert the balloon. You may have to squeeze it, to get it in.
    5. Pull the knot on the balloon out the opening of the stocking. This will be part of your nipple.
    6. Wrap the open end of the stocking over and around the balloon knot and tie it off (I used a half hitch for all you “girl” scouts).

Repeat the process for as many breasts as you wish.

Now when you insert your very own breast into your bra, it will not sag. It will not slip out. The underwire can hold the bottom of you breast, while the strap holds your top. The balloon can slide on the plastic, giving you a little wiggle when you walk.

Try it – you might just find this works for about $6 or $7 each.

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