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Thanks for visiting KAT's TAIL! This site is intended to provide education, enlightenment, and useful sources of information about transgender. Years ago, even before the Internet, I began spending many hours, which turned into days, which turned into weeks, …, collecting information from various places, such as BBS’s, FTP sites, newsgroups, and Web sites. My goal was to make it a little easier for everyone else by providing a good portion of this information all in one place.

Getting Started

All of the pages available can be found under the Table of Contents page (click on the KAT’s TAIL logo located at the bottom left on each page). If transgender is new to you, you may want to first browse through the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section, and you may want to browse the Dictionary / Glossary found under the Resources section to familiarize yourself with many terms used.

(Oh No, Not Another) Disclaimer

I present this information mostly as I found it (or as it was given to me), with only minor changes for presentation purposes. It does not necessary reflect what I believe; only what I believe to be useful. I do not take credit (nor blame) for the information I did not author. Whenever possible, I give credit to the source of the information. But Internet addresses often times go “poof” into oblivion. All international copyright laws apply (see Terms of Use).


May you have a pleasantly informing visit, and perhaps a little fun along the way too. –  Karen

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