Herbs and Hormones: Testimony

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This is primarily geared towards those interested in the effects of herbals and prescribed hormones. It is a multipurpose letter I use to advise some CD’s, TV’s and TS-Wannabees. In this letter, I give some often unsolicited advise about the effects of various things, what did NOT work and what has worked for me. Individual results will vary with different people. This was also written at various stages of transition and in addition to noting some physical changes I have described, you may also notice some mental changes in my attitudes and philosophies. Although I am a M2F TS, some F2M TS’s may also benefit from learning that hormones are very serious.

Before anyone takes any kind of supplement, rather it is herbals or prescribed, please plan ahead and think of the consequences of later on. Most people start taking hormones (either prescribed or herbals) in winter when they can hide their developments and don’t think what they will look like in the summer. For some CD’s and TV’s, I want to caution you that unless you plan on wearing a woman’s swim suit all summer and go full time like TS’s certain developments will be very hard to cover up. Hormones are not to be taken lightly as they will alter your body and appearance. The shape of a female chest and tush are so much different from a males that it can’t be easily hidden even with a sweater and baggy trousers. This is very hard to do in warmer climates.

In the case of those F2M candidates, one must also realize that one shouldn’t start something unless they plan to live with their decision. One doesn’t Grow facial hair because they want to look like a man part time only to have to try to cover the stubble up with makeup when in a female genre. Decide what gender you are or intend to be. Then be it. In the case of the M2F persons, hormones (whether herbal or prescribed medicines) are not the solution to breasts for a person who lives as a female part time – like week ends only. Many individuals think that this is their answer to a Rent-A-Breast club. It is Not that simple. These are permanent changes with which you will have to live.

To quote Empress Wendi of SIS, Transvestites On Hormones, a Community Concern: “I cannot support the casual crossdresser who uses hormones. Though I’ll always love them as a sister (if they are), I’ll not be that supportive. This is difficult for me to do, and surely I’ve made a few mistakes along the way, but swallowing Premarin to develop breast, and then having to hide them under a baggy coat or suit… is not the way!! From my perspective, from my non clinical view… you don’t grow ‘breasts’ (the author’s original word was substituted to meet constraints of AOL’s Terms of Service), unless you are willing to have the whole world see them as a symbol of your womanhood. Your body is your temple that should not exist in shame. Therefore, when you smooth out the edges and round out the curves, when you alter the texture of your skin, you are proud to see this feminine form, you have transformed the masculine body you so despise into one fitting your idea of what you should be living in. Now goodness, put a dress on this temple!! Wear a nice silk blouse. If you’re feeling frisky, wear a blouse that one might see through, where one might see your bra, where one would SEE YOUR CLEAVAGE…!! Wear a skirt that would show off your womanly thighs and well sculptured fanny. Live in the light of your transformation, YOUR REALITY… Not in the darkness of your fantasies. Fantasies are just that. Your body is not a fantasy!!! It is real!!! You don’t alter your body to fit a preconceived fantasy. The karma of estrogen and other female hormones is real!! The consequences of our actions are real and sometimes mentally, socially and physically disastrous. Yes, let’s have fun with our fantasies, but let’s also be responsible enough to identify reality!!”

The rest including the developments are based on my own experiences. I am not telling you to take anything or not take anything, just make a SERIOUS commitment as to how you want to end up before starting on any kind of hormone therapy. You should be preparing to live full time as a woman at some time in your life if you plan on starting the hormones. This is very hard to do in warmer climates. You don’t need to decide at this point whether you will go through with Sexual Reassignment Surgery. Many people are content to live as a woman and not go through with surgery. Good Luck and you should see a Good Doctor. Decide if that is what u really want and if the doctor tries to talk you out of it and if it is what you really want, fire the doctor, (they work for you) and get a new doctor.


Enough of the soap box! For those of you that are following my changes, I thought I would share my latest developments. I had been herbals for 13½ months before giving up on them with limited results. I had been on:

Black Cohosh

(540 mg each) at 8 pills per day. Black Cohosh only seemed to give me severe migraines to the point my head felt like it would explode.

Dong Quai

(560 mg each) at 6 pills per day. Dong Quai only seemed to give me Horrendously Bad Breath. Breath Assure did NOT work on this side effect. Halitosis was so severe my social circle diminished – greatly.

Licorice Root

(540 mg each) at 6 pills per day. Licorice gave me no adverse or otherwise annoying side effects for me.

These were Extremely high overdoses and still had little or limited developments. Before taking anything like this on your own, PLEASE check with your Medical Doctor and get a complete physical exam first.

My personal experiences were that herbals were NOT worth the expense, headaches, and aggravation as well as a loss in time that could have been more productively spent with something that may work better and quicker for some.

Overall changes I noticed while on herbals were a much emptier wallet, nipples started tingling about 3-4 months into this schedule. Breast development as limited as it was sort of spread out like a man’s pects after about 8-9 months and then only very slightly The total growth after 13½ months was about 1½ inches difference. Not even enough to fill a bra. No weight changes, No softer skin, no thicker hair, and just as obnoxious and aggressive as ever. As a matter of fact, the Severe Migraines were such that Extra Strength Tylenol, Advil, Anacin and others didn’t help. The migraines started to occur within 5-10 minutes after each Black Cohosh tablet. With this Many pills and type of dosages, I never had a chance to get rid of headaches. They actually made a hangover feel like fun in comparison. The migraines actually made me more aggressive and very unlady like.


I waited 4½ months researching what other approach to use and eventually started Premarin (1¼ mg) with Provera (10 mg) and Aldactone with much greater success. The Premarin is usually prescribed to be taken for a specified number of days and the Provera overlaps at end of the month. There are 5-7 days of a “waiting period” at the end of the month to get body to cycle like a woman’s cycle and period. This will vary depending on as your pills finish for the month whether your MD has given you a 21 or 28 day cycle plan.

The herbals may have only laid the ground work for accelerated changes with the Premarin and Provera. If you are on or contemplating being on any of these medications, Please consult with a doctor first Most people do not and will not have changes develop anywhere near as quickly. Additionally, each person is different. I have only been on Premarin cycle plan for 5 weeks and have already noticed some changes:

2 Days

  1. I noticed I was feeling more refreshed.
  2. NO Migraines.
  3. Greatly increased thirst (definitely from Premarin and Aldactone).
  4. Increased frequency of urination.
  5. Increased flatulence (passing gas).
  6. I used to orgasm 6-7 times a day before Premarin and within 2 days, I found it difficult to get an erection. With the Aldactone, I found that 5 hours still couldn’t allow me to release. I started taking only 50 mg of Aldactone and found I could still at least function, and ended up twice a week a lot more intensely. Big difference from 6-7 times a day. I have also noticed I haven’t had the desire anywhere near as much as before either. Decrease in Sex Drive hasn’t seemed to bother me. What did bother me in beginning was having some desire and not the capability.

2 Weeks

  1. Occasional twinging of nipples.

3 Weeks

  1. I have lost about 8 pounds overall.
  2. Fill out a bra much better.
  3. What looked like pects from herbals is starting to form like breasts. Halfway between a B and a C cup.
  4. Nipples get sensitive very easily.
  5. 1 inch increase in hips.
  6. Fingernails seem to be growing faster.
  7. Hair on top of my head seems to be growing faster and thicker. Taste Buds seem to be changing too.
  8. I used to love Cola and hated coffee, Now I crave coffee.
  9. Cat senses some changes too. Cat used to snuggle up in my lap before and now just hisses at me. This has happened 7 times this week. This may be due to changes in pheromones (I had been on herbals for over a year, remember?).
  10. Breasts jiggle now, especially when hitting potholes in roads.
  11. Mood changes occasionally over stupid little things.
  12. Lips are changing. The entire lip (Not just middle or corners but entire lips) started tingling then splitting all over. Feels like sandpaper from inside. I don’t know if this is from hormones or from extreme cold and chapped, but it just started this week. Might be nice if as they heal they get fuller, but who knows?
  13. I am also much less aggressive. After 3 weeks on Premarin, a woman I knew 3 years ago said she couldn’t stand me then but last week offered me a job (paid less than pizza job so I didn’t take it). She said I have changed but she couldn’t put her finger on what the change was. New manager at work was reaming another employee out and made reference to me by saying they should be more like me “…Doesn’t argue, doesn’t complain, just does the job and leaves, No hassles” I thought Man was this a switch! I used to be the instigator. I never used to put up with anything last month or even last year.

Waiting Period 1

  1. Nipples seem to loose sensitivity.
  2. Breasts are not as sensitive as while on Premarin or Provera.
  3. Mood swings about stupid stuff (how much light is in room for example).
  4. Much more emotional.
  5. I had seen “It’s A Wonderful Life” millions of times and yet this time I bawled like a teenage girl.

5 Weeks

  1. I noticed nipples sensitivity returned again.
  2. Erections occur more easily, but ejaculation takes forever.
  3. Jeans seem looser in waist. Much baggier.
  4. Overall weight loss is about 10 pounds. Might have been more otherwise but there were holidays involved.
  5. I have lost about ½ inch in breast area. But I am sure it will come back.
  6. Weight loss in bust tells me that what I gained was water weight… not tissue weight. That will change in time.
  7. Lips heeled and started feeling puffy again 2 weeks later. This may be the hormones doing this as I have been inside almost all of the last 2 weeks… Not prolonged exposure outside.
  8. Less aggressive MOST of the time.
  9. I am able to climax more frequently. Now twice a week. But I noticed I couldn’t release unless my nipples were stimulated; i.e., pinching, tugging, sucking… then almost immediately. Cutting down on Aldactone seemed to help, although it will take longer for the Premarin and Provera to work.

6 Weeks

  1. I noticed breasts seem to have more weight to them. They feel heavier when they jiggle, yet still have same measurements.
  2. Penis got little more than semi-hard while engaging in intercourse. Even during ejaculation.

7 Weeks

  1. I noticed nipples extremely sensitive.
  2. Breasts are more breast shape.
  3. Bust measurement is now 2¾ inches larger than chest measurement.
  4. More rounded at chest and flabby at sides by arms.
  5. Chest hair seems to have stopped growing altogether. I had shaved chest several weeks ago and hair continued for a little while then just quit, about 1/5 the length my chest hair was. I used to have a hairy chest.
  6. While having sex with a woman, my penis seemed to fold in half while inside. Semen seemed to also have a different texture as I was cleaning up. Much more watery.
  7. I reached a monumental realization this week. I had been impatiently waiting for more and faster changes leading me to my womanhood. I had even contemplated talking to the doctor about raising the dosage, but I realized that it takes over a year for a young prepubescent girl to go through puberty and for her changes to take place without having to fight testosterone, so why should I expect the Premarin to work any faster. I will just take the changes as they arrive.

Final Note

In the beginning, I did end up with the flu that has kept me off of the Aldactone (testes blocker) for a couple days because of prescribed medicines for cold and possibly affecting blood pressure but I have religiously been taking the Premarin and Provera. Before taking anything like this on your own, PLEASE check with your Medical Doctor and get a complete physical exam first. I wish you every success in what ever you do. I hope you get as much out of life as I intend to do.

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