A Modified Harry Benjamin Scale

Original Version: Harry Benjamin © 1966, Julian Press
Modified version: Anne Curr © 1995, Basic Books

Sex and Gender Disorientation and Indecision

(Persons Born Genetic Males)

List of Types:

Type 0

Normal sexual orientation and identification, heterosexual, bisexual or homosexual. The ideas of “dressing” or “sex change” are foreign and unpleasant. Includes the vast majority of all people.

Type 1 – Transvestite (Pseudo)

Type 2 – Transvestite (Festishistic)

Type 3 – Transvestite (True)

Type 4 – Transsexual (Non-Surgical)

Type 5 – Transsexual (Moderate Intensity)

Type 6 – Transsexual (High Intensity)

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