BBS’s - Bulletin Board Systems

Note: Due to the nature and popularity of the Internet, a large number of BBS’s are no longer in existence. You should also be aware of the numerous Area Code changes rapidly taking place. In short, don’t be surprised if any telephone number listed is no longer accurate/valid.

BBS’s Sorted by Area Codes (United States of America)

201 (NY) 202 (DC) 212 (NY) 214 (TX) 215 (PA) 301 (MD) 303 (CO)
312 (IL) 313 (MI) 317 (IN) 408 (CA) 412 (PA) 414 (WI) 419 (OH)
512 (TX) 518 (NY) 612 (MN) 615 (TN) 616 (MI) 617 (MA) 619 (CA)
703 (VA) 714 (CA) 718 (NY) 719 (CO) 770 (GA) 805 (CA) 816 (MO)
818 (CA) 908 (NJ) 913 (KS) 916 (CA)  


201 (New York)

Metro Stop
New York, NY
Sysop: April Daize
Remarks: Very good smaller board serving the Metropolitan NYC area. TS oriented with good TV activity.
New York City Adult Board
Remarks: For TV, TS and B&D. Email Steve at 72401,3234 for access to Adult area.

202 (District of Columbia)

Blanche’s Place
Washington, DC
Remarks: Gay/Lesbian/Adult BBS w/ TV/TS forum.

212 (New York)

212-349-2845 and 212-349-3064

214 (Texas)

Puss n’ Boots

215 (Pennsylvania)

Philadelphia, PA
Sysop: Chris
Philadelphia, PA
Sysop: Donna Burke & Susan P.
Remarks: Requires Phone number for sign on, and a 24-hour activation period. IBM based, some good fiction. Mistress Kimberly is worth checking out. A pay for use board.

301 (Maryland)

Cross Roads
The Honey Board
301-933-1467 and 301-933-1655
New Women’s Sub-Board

303 (Colorado)

Denver, CO
Remarks: Crosslink is a section within another board. At question “Are you a member of some special organization…?” type: Crosslink. Proceed with registration.

312 (Illinois)

Us Too (c/o the Sunday Society)
312-486-3125 or 312-252-7024
2511 N. St. Louis Ave.
Chicago, IL 60647
Sysop: Sheila and Louise of the Sunday Society.
Remarks: Online from 10pm to midnight 7 days a week, at other hours this is the phone for the Sunday Society. Claims to be the first BBS devoted exclusively to TS issues. Four sub-boards: FTM TS’s, MTF TS’s, General Interest, and Crossdressers. Information, fantasy, recipes, etc. Logon with the word NEW (in caps) and a password of your choice.

313 (Michigan)

Lavender & Lace (Formally Christina’s Den of Little Pleasures)
Detroit, MI
Sysop: Christina Melville
Remarks: New users log on. Type “Girlfriend” at password prompt. Joint venture with Lavender & Lace Boutique. Informational and support in nature with some fiction.

317 (Indiana)

Kinky BBS
Indianapolis, IN
Sysop: Bobbi Alyson
Remarks: Run by IXE.

408 (California)

Santa Cruz, CA
Sysop: Barbara Chambers
Remarks: After “WELCOME” type “K”, pause, type “E”, pause, type “Y” (type only the letters in “”). Often regarded as one of if not the best privately owned gender board in existance. With extensive fiction and factual library. Now with two lines for better service.
The Hobby Board
Sysop: Michelle Stone
Remarks: Reportedly very good. TS Oriented.
Rainbow Gender Association

412 (Pennsylvania)


414 (Wisconsin)

Menomonee Falls, WI
Sysop: Tami (TG) Compuserve UID [72717,1606]
Remarks: PCpursuitable. The special password is “PANTIES,” or “FEM” and should be used only when you start answering the ‘first’ questionnaire. It will then give you the gender questionniare to answer. Please use only one of the special passwords. Girls from GENDERLINE and others BBS’s are there, and any and all is welcome. It has been running now since December of 1989, 24 hrs free except for phone charges.

419 (Ohio)

Alison Cain BBS (a.k.a Late Nite Network BBS)
Crestline, OH
Remarks: TV/TS section hours are 8pm to 7am. Leave a message for the Sysop for access to the TV/TS Section.

512 (Texas)

The Other Side

518 (New York)

Pain and Pleasure
Albany, NY
Sysop: Bob
Remarks: Lengthy sign-on. Caters to D&B, but has TV/TS sections.

612 (Minnesota)

Carolyn’s Closet
612-891-1225 (or 612-452-2676?)
P.O. Box 21-282
Eagan, MN 55121
Sysop: Carolyn
Remarks: Has excellent message base, and library… Operates on CPM machine. Serves Minnesota, and Wisconsin Groups.

615 (Tennessee)

The Gallifreyan Garden
Sysop: Gwen [Compuserve User Number 72627,2512]
Remarks: The hours are 7pm-7am week days, and 24 hrs. on weekends. Section for TV’s and TS’s which is “invisible” to all other sections. Users wishing access to the TV/TS section should leave a private message to the sysop requesting access and mentioning where they found out about the BBS.
Lord President
Nashville, TN
Remarks: TV/TS sections are hidden. Ask sysop for access. 10PM-8AM.
The TV Room

616 (Michigan)

PC Services
Grand Rapids, MI
Sysop: Lynn Hartwell
Remarks: General interest BBS including TV/TS Forum, SO Forum and a Gender Forum (open only to regestered TV/TS/TG/SO forum users). Registration reguired ask sysop requesting access to gender area. Information, research and support based with a little fantasy. Several professionals that service the gender community frequent this board. Free, 24 hours a day.

617 (Massachusetts)

Boston, MA
Remarks: Forty lines, conference area planning weekly conferences for online support group. General purpose board with TV/TS area. Sysop and general users are not bothered by CD’ers. Membership information required. - Jenny S.

619 (California)

Stephanie’s Playhouse

703 (Virginia)

Passing Fancy
P.O. Box 4034
Alexandria, VA 22303
Remarks: At logon prompt enter “FANCY”. Bulletins, CB, Mail, Directory, Exchange Forum, … Charge for use $15.00 up front. Detailed information required for membership, including phone number, address, picture ID and credit card for billing: Board looks very complete from visitors menu.
Shauna’s Place

714 (California)

Angel’s Heart
Santa Anna, CA
Sysop: Karin
Remarks: Adult board. Request access to TS/TV section. Mention Feminet.

718 (New York)

Erotic Visions BBS
P.O. Box 203
New York, NY 10013
Sysop: Jack Donato
Remarks: Pay for use board $12.00 per year. Mail in registration required. Five sections, The Foyer & Library, Basement & Dungeon (female domination), Day room & Attic (Male domination), The Closet (TV Section), and Public Link / Video Vision.

719 (Colorado)

Purgatory BBS

770 (Georgia)

770-922-2414 and 770-785-9216
Atlanta, GA
Sysop: Rachel
Remarks: Logon with name “Sigma Epsilon” using password “Triess”

805 (California)

Coral Reef
Simi Valley, CA
Sysop: Melissa
Remarks: Special “gender-blender” section.
Naughty But Nice
Palmdale, CA

816 (Missouri)

The Bedroom BBS
Kansas City, MO
Remarks: This is a pay for play BBS however it is not set up for TV/TS as much as it is for adults that want to talk to other adults. Fee is $25.00 per year.

818 (California)


908 (New Jersey)

The English Palace
Remarks: Deals with TV/TS as well as B&D, S&M. It features 4 lines, hundreds of files, SIG’s, and teleconferencing. No sign-up fees, and no connect charges.

913 (Kansas)

University of Kansas
Remarks: Med students and doctors on it, having threads on Gender Dysphoria. Sr. Mary Elizabeth says they will add a special section on gender dysphoria, if there is enough activity in that category. It might be a way to get a dialog going with those in the Medical community. When you log on the first time, you have to register with the receptionist to get your password, in order to be granted full access. After registering you are given partial access to the message area so you can read messages only. To access the messages on gender dysphoria, do a selective retrieval, using GID as your subject.

916 (California)

Sacramento, CA
Remarks: TS Oriented BBS. Reportedly very good with strong feminist TS orientation.

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