Real Breasts for a Steal of a Deal

Source: Angelika

Perfect, bouncy, enviously live and beckoning breast forms offered by U.S. and offshore manufacturers are simply cost ineffective for most crossdressers. For the price of one breast form alone you could build an entire closet full of delectable dresses. The cost of two and you may as well have gone on an ocean cruise.

Less expensive forms are usually just that. Less. Oh sure, foam forms and paddings galore can give a bustline. As can stockings stuffed with rice or other friends from the fields, but heaven forbid you go swimming or get caught in a rainstorm. You could end up with the exploding brassiere syndrome to rival any 007 movie villaness. Not to mention garnering unwanted attention at the beach. So, how do we get a breast form that falls into the criteria of most of us less than conveniently wealthy crossdresers? Science. And children’s toys.

Yep. You want a breast that moves with you. Can be made into nearly any size, and won’t break the bank to have. A form that can be gently heated in the bathroom sink for added comfort. One that you can whip up on the spur of the moment should the need arise. Enter the main ingredients: glycerin, water and children’s balloon toys.

We’re not talking about those 50 to a bag balloons for birthday parties. Oh, no. We want industrial strength bouyancy and a close to real feel for the proud wearer. We want a breast form that takes a licking and keeps on ticking. We want those big, inflateable punch balls. The ones that kids tie the supplied rubber band to after inflating and wail the tar out of them and they dont pop. Here’s how to do it.

K-mart or Wal-Mart are the source for the punch balls. Get four. Then hit the pharmacy for a few bottles of glycerin. Oils, such as olive or other vegetable derivatives can work, but not all oils are latex friendly. Take a pencil, eraser end forwards, and put it in one of the punch balls. Lube the outside of this with K-Y jelly, just enough to cover it with a thin film. Slowly push the lubed, deflated ball into another punch ball, until one is in the other. Do not lose the end of the one inserted. Then fill the inner ball with the glycerin or oil of choice. Do this by gravity only, do not force more in than it will hold.

Once this is accomplished, you tie off the inner ball with a rubber band or elastic hairtie. Now comes the fun. Let the filled ball fall into the outer one, and go to the trusty kitchen or bathroom sink.

Turn on the water and get it to a nice temperature, keep the flow to a minimum. The punch ball end will wrap around the faucet nozzle very easily, and just watch it fill until you get the desired size. Be sure to allow any air to escape as you do this. Then twist the end and tie it off with another elastic hair tie.

Voilà! You have a breast form with some very interesting and exciting characteristics, inexpensively made and infinitely repeatable.

If you traditionally keep your size demure, you will find a very nice fluid sense to these forms. If you go for the heavy chest look, you will notice the interplay of the different viscosities as they jostle around in the form. Smaller versions will of course be easier to conceal in low neck tops, the larger ones you had best have to the neck coverage of a blouse or sweater.

It is suggested that you practice a few times with single punch balls at the faucet to get the idea of how to do the final stages. Once you get the hang of it, and have mopped up the floor a few times, you are good to go!

One word of caution. They do not last indefinitely, and you must be careful about pinning that little pendant or name tag to your dress! But, you can carry emergency ‘spares’ unfilled in your handbag!

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